About us

We have been providing translation and typesetting/layout services since 1993; in its current form, Janal has operated in the market since 1997. The majority of our clients are large companies from the Far East and Western Europe, but every customer is important to us.

We have been working directly with marketing and technical documentation departments of large corporations in London, Shanghai and Osaka, but also with a number of small enterprises that need translation and graphic design services related to their activity. We treat everyone seriously and do our best to meet their individual needs.

We translate marketing materials, technical documentation, the content of websites and software and deliver them in a format ready for further use. We regularly translate materials entrusted to us in over 30 languages. We manage websites with content in several languages.

Our distinguishing feature is a comprehensive approach to orders – we do not only translate texts, but also deliver them in a format that allows immediately their further use – printing or posting on a website. By merging the entire process – translation, typesetting/layout and proofreading, we eliminate unnecessary steps, significantly reducing the time required to prepare a text for publication and clearly defining the scope of responsibilities.

We have a team of professional translators, who have proven their skills time and time again, providing quality work and receiving thousands of positive opinions from our returning clients. We work solely with professional translators who are native speakers of the target language – we believe that only in this way can we ensure the quality of translations. Upon request, we deliver samples of their work – in this manner, we can select the best translator for the individual needs and requirements of each client.

At each stage of the project, we use advanced software to streamline the translation process and graphic design. We use professional tools that optimize translator’s work: CAT systems and terminology databases.

In addition, extensive experience and work optimization methods allow us to provide services at competitive prices.